Reduce need for Internal Application Packager

Reduce need for Internal Application Packager

Cost Per Software Package Pricing

Significant Cost & Time Savings

Support for most Software Packaging Technologies

Why Choose Us

We have capacity and experience to offer fixed price per package that ensures the high level of quality, security and compatibility with minimum risk and budget escalations.

We have an experienced core packing team specializing in rolling out packaged applications as per client unique needs using best of breed tools and processes.

We operate a support function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, and are always ready to respond to any problem reports or inquiries you might want to send our way.

What Client’s Say

  • "We are very pleased with AppVShop as they helped us smoothly and efficiently succeed in our desktop transformation initiatives."

    Oil & Gas Company
  • "AppVShop has been a great partner. They have successfully worked on multiple Windows 7 and System Center rollout engagements with us."

    National System Integrator
  • "AppVShop rescued us during our Windows 7 roll out.  Their timely assistance helped our struggling team with software packaging.  Their pay per package model is now helping us through steady state."

    Fortune 500 Company
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